Wednesday, 17 December 2014

0 Auto Blog Samurai Pro New version Free Download with Crack

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Auto Blog Samurai
Free Download Auto Blog Samurai Pro New version with Crack.
Hello Buddies Auto Blog Samurai Pro Brand New Breakthrough Software Technology Integrates Seamlessly With Blogger And Wordpress To Generate Multiple Automated and Reliable Income Streams! AutoBlog Samurai is the first and only blogging software that helps you build multiple revenue streams online with a few clicks of the mouse. Get 'Phenomenal Results' Even If You Are Lazy, Unmotivated Or Have No Time!
But Autoblog Samurai Pro software is not free in market. It will get on internet with 77$ but Don't worry! I will give you full version Autoblog Samurai Pro v2.2 Setup with crack file.
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Auto Blog Samurai Pro New version with Crack Free Download.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

0 Anymix Photo Magic 5.1 Photoshop Plug-in Full Version Free Download

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Anymix Photo Magic 5 full version
Anymix Photo Magic 5.1 Full Version Free Download.
Dear  Photoshop loving buddies, Photo Magic is a famous professional photo retouching plug-in of Adobe Photoshop CS3, CS4, and higher all version of Photoshop. It is an amazing one clicking beautician & make-up photography decor plug-in software. Very easy to use this plug-in if you have a little knowledge of operating computer then you can easily make a ordinary photography into a professional touch.
Compatible with operating System:- Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.

Its Features:- Skin Improvement
White Balance in a click
Color Correction
Make Up
Soft Skin Brush
Make Up Box
Eye Ornaments
Lip Color draw
Background Change
Hair Extract
Passport Package
Tone Effects
Frame Borders
Photo Effects
Frame Effects
Black & White to Color Tool
Passport Package

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Anymix Photo Magic 5.1 Photoshop Plug-in Full Version free Download.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

0 Internet Download Manager (IDM) 6.21 Build 15 Final Full version Free Download

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Internet Download Manager (IDM) 6
Internet Download Manager (IDM) 6.21 Build 15 Final Full version.
Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a very important software for every internet users. It is the most popular and fastest download managers in the world. Using this software you can download audio, video, software, games, movies, the necessary files from any web site. So friends, nothing to say new about the Internet Download Manager (IDM).
Note- Mozilla Firefox has been updated to version 35, IDM's the old version does not support with Mozilla Firefox 35. So all of friends (IDM 6.21 Build 15) version must be used.

**IDM's previous version don't need to uninstall.
1] Install the program by clicking idman621build15.
2] After installation, Make sure to exit IDM from icon tray. It should not be running.
3] Temporarily Disable your antivirus protection.
4] Extract/Unzip the ZIP file & Run the Patcher.
5] Click "Patch" button
6] Done, Enjoy with no. 1 download manager.
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Free Download Internet Download Manager (IDM) 6.21 Build 15 Final Full version.

Monday, 24 November 2014

0 World best Ads sites to earn money from blog

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money earn
Introduction World best Ads sites to earn money from blog.
If you have one or more blog or web site then you able to earn more money by using PopAds or  PopCash. Let see, what PopAds author saying-
"PopAds is simply the best paying advertising network specialized in popunders on the Internet. We guarantee you that no other popunder ad network will pay to you".
PopAds.net - The Best Popunder Adnetwork
Benefits of PopAds:-
1. They give every payment.
2. Payment Process to Request after 5$ and you will get the payment within 12 hours.
3.  Get revenue for every click, it may be highest 1$ in one click.
4. Their payment option are PayPal and Pizza.
5. You can use this ads beside other ads site except only google AdSense.
6. PoPAds will not show on you blog / web site, it will open in a separate Windows.
Disadvantages of PopAds:-
1. Your blog / web site will be of good quality.
2. Good tariff of your blog / web site, if you have 1500 visitor per day then you earn 1-3$. On god it is legit. 
3. Your site will Approve After 12hour on Application.
4. Same Code can not use all sites.
5. You can not click on your Ads.

*** I am earning 300 dollars a month from this site. I have used this ads on my 5 blogspot sits.
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My Payment proof-
popads payment proof
PopAds.net - The Best Popunder Adnetwork
How to signup in PopAds:-
First click here for signup, fill up the boxes with all requirements and cheek terms and conditions then click Register button. Activation link send to your mailbox and active its. Login PopAds site then click on new website which on the left side menubar and fill up your web site name, url, description then click on add website button. Wait 24 hours for approval. After approved click on Code Generator on left menu and copy the java script code and paste the code anywhere between <head> and </head>.
For blogger go to Layout>Add a Gadget>HTML/JavaScript and paste into content box.

PopCash author saying-
"With PopCash your success is guaranteed! Why? Because the pop-under advertising is the most effective".
popcash's big advantage is no traffic Limitations and is used for smaller blogs. It gives you monetize based on the impression. The good impression of your website and your income will be better. For 1000 impression they provides up to $ 1 to $ 4 in addition, there are referral facilities. They payment in everyday. Every day you will have the impression, based on this payment will be made. Pay commission for pop-under, adult ad.  Popcash minimum payout of $ 10 in Paypal / Paxum / Payza.
Signup With PopcashCLICK HERE
How to use Popcash Ads-
Signup to Popcash, then activating the account and then login. From the left menu, then click Submit website. Wait 24-hours Popcash team visits your site, they will be approved. After approval, click the Generate code from the left menu, now copy this java script code and paste between <head> <\ head>.
For blogger go to Layout>Add a Gadget>HTML/JavaScript and paste into content box.

World best Ads sites to earn money from blog/web sites.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

0 LogoMaker-4.0v Logo Design Software with serial key

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Free Download LogoMaker-4.0v Logo Design Software with serial key.
Friends, if you are a business owner or professional logo designer then studio-v5- LogoMaker (4.0) is the most extremely helpful software for you. To design professional business logos and prescribe other graphics only few click. The easy to use features of LogoMaker include 3,300+ fully modifiable
logo templates, 10,000+ objects and shapes categorized by industry and interest,
creative tools and special effects.
Over 3,300 professionally designed and fully modifiable logo templates categorized by industry and interest.
Over 10,000 objects and shapes for making logos.
Three logo types: Classic Logo, 3D Logo and Animated Logo.
Easy to use graphical engine for image and text manipulation: drag & drop, scale, rotate, align, groups, layers etc.
Vector-based Shape editor to create and customize your own shapes.
Over 50 effects for object and text editing: Transparency, Brightness, Blur, Gradient, Jitter, Pixel ate, Sharp, Water, Mirror, Plastics, Depth, Glow, Metallic, Bump, etc.
Text types: Regular, Polygonal, Concave, Wavy, Circular, Outline and Perspective.
3D options for creating 3D text and shapes.
Options for creating animated Flash logo.
Export to PDF, JPG, TIF, GIF, Flash and other file formats.
Professional, Creative, Refined & Designer fonts included
The built in Internet browser for accessing new objects, templates, 40,000 free fonts, 100,000 free pictures, etc.
OS: Windows XP/Vista/Win7
PROCESSOR: Pentium 500 MHz
VIDEO CARD: 16-bit color depth
HARD DRIVE: 1GB free space
Internet Explorer 4 or higher for Online Resources program section.

First download trial version software then use serial no which is 100% workable from following link-

File size- 349MB
Software Download- CLICK HERE
Serial No Download- CLICK HERE
studio-v5, LogoMaker-4.0v Logo Design Software with serial key.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

0 How to earn money from social media

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How to earn money from social media, now it possible.

Now you can have FREE SHARES in the next BIG social community, it’s called Globallshare and if you are quick you can register (it is totally FREE) and just by logging in each day you will earn 1 share in the Company. Introduce others and earn more shares, the current value of these shares? .86, they pay a monthly dividend equal to .89 per share owned. Each week you will receive a report on your worth. You can earn money from like,share,comment.


Where is the money for me?

There are 2 ways you can earn free shares.

1) Log-in on daily basis to earn 1 share each day.

2) Refer your friends, family.

Once you invited 5 friends successfully, you will get 1 GlobAllShare share straight away.

PLEASE REMEMBER => sighing up more than 5 friends on your 1st level
does not earn you any more shares !!!

However, there are 7 sub-levels to profit from.
When any of your members located 7 levels deep in your down line
refers 5 new members on their 1st level, you get 1 share too !!!

P.S. It has been designed this way to encourage team work.

Monthly Income From Dividends

GlobAllShare will pay out 70% of their income to shareholders in form of dividends.

Imagine this example scenario:

You have invited 5 of your friends to the GlobAllShare community successfully
and your invited friends also invite 5 of their friends in 7 subsequent levels,
then you may have following number of shares.

level 1: 5 invited = 1 GAS share
level 2: 25 invited = 5 GAS shares
level 3: 125 invited = 25 GAS shares
level 4: 625 invited = 125 GAS shares
level 5: 3 125 invited = 625 GAS shares
level 6: 15 625 invited = 3 125 GAS shares
level 7: 78 125 invited = 15 625 GAS shares
Total 19.531 GAS shares

According to the above example, you may get altogether 19,531 GlobAllShare shares for free.
Each share will pay a monthly dividend after the global launching of the venture.
Full launch and global access of GlobAllShare is scheduled on 29th of June 2014

If, for instance, one share pays lets say $0.25 monthly dividend.
Your 19.531 shares would get you almost $5,000 per month.

But if monthly dividend is $0.5 or $1.0 per each share,
then monthly earnings would increase accordingly to $10,000 or $20,000.

Of course, numbers presented above are only example,
please do your own calculations according to your own realistic expectations.

You can monitor the number and value of your shares plus the sum of your monthly dividend
at the Web Office in your GlabAllShare control panel at any time.

Instant money

As a member of the GlobAllShare community you have an option to sell your shares,
this would allow you to earn one time lump sum of money.

For Example: If value of one share after launch is $10
and based on above scenario you own 19,531 GlobAllShare shares,
you could sell them for $195,531

Obviously, the value of one share may be different, less or even more, for example $5 or $20 or $40 per share.

Note: Users may acquire GlobAllShare shares for free only during the pre-organization phase.

FREE Advertising !!!

Please, do not forget to claim your FREE Advertising !!!

You can run 4 adverts simultaneously.

After you register and log-in to your control panel
click on "ADVERTISE ON GAS" in left menu to claim your FREE adverts!


(Your Referrer will be randomly selected, after you click to join).


Easy Way To Download Video From Youtube / Facebook

Download video from youtube Click Here ///Download video from facebook Click Here. Copy your youtube or facebook video URL, and paste into above these site, like youtube video for youtube site/facebook video for facebook site then click download button and save as your choice.You Can also Download file from rapidshare,vimeo,filefactory use the youtube download site.

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