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0 Shyama sangeet By Amrik Singh Arora mp3 songs free download

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ma kali
Shyama Sangeet By Amrik Singh Arora mp3 songs free download
Songs List---Amer Sarbo Ange Likhe, Ami Aar Janme Maa Habo, Amar Jante Ichcha Kare, Ek Diner Ei Jibon Tabu, Ghatak Chilo Ke, Joger Anka Shikali, Kamala Bagala Bolo, Ke Chalecho Dukhineswer, Koun shakina Chithi, Ma Je Pagal Chhele, Tribhubaner Adhishyari, Manush Namer Surute Je Maa, Dukhe Sabai Dake Je Maa,

Download the song, Click on the song name-
1.  Amer Sarbo Ange Likhe
2.  Ami Aar Janme Maa Habo
3.  Amar Jante Ichcha Kare
4.  Ek Diner Ei Jibon Tabu
5.  Ghatak Chilo Ke
6.  Joger Anka Shikali
7.  Kamala Bagala Bolo
8.  Ke Chalecho Dukhineswer
9.  Koun shakina Chithi
10.Ma Je Pagal Chhele
11.Tribhubaner Adhishyari
12.Manush Namer Surute Je Maa 
13.Dukhe Sabai Dake Je Maa 
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